How to enable captcha in magento 1.9 rwd theme.

After updating version 1.9 I found some issues in enabling captcha for rwd theme.Below steps to show captcha in login and registration form. But I can’t see it.

Basic method to enable captcha

  • Login to admin panel and go to system > configuration > customers > customer configuration > CAPTCHA
    (Don’t forget to  select your website scope)
  • Enable CAPTCHA on frontend – Yes
  • Select desired  forms into “Form” box like login, registration etc
  • Save Config

It is simple as that but for unfortunately rwd theme don’t support captcha

So following procedures are I follow and it works for me fine

  • Go Base theme/layout folder and copy the captcha.xml file code
  • Paste it into your theme directory/layout/captcha.xml file in layout folder.
  • Go Base theme/template and copy the captcha directory
  • Paste in your theme/template folder.

Walla your captcha code will be visible again.

Happy coding!!!

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